“Late Night Snack” Cookie Butter Chocolate Cups

I’m a sucker for a late-night snack. Cookies, ice cream, hell, I’ve been known to eat dark chocolate chips right out of the bag while swigging wine. Yeah, I’m *that* girl. 

So, imagine my unbridled happiness when Buzzfeed posted a link to a recipe for three-ingredient peanut butter cups. They are quick, easy, and the perfect three-bite treat to keep the post-dinner sweet tooth at bay.

Now, while I’m out of peanut butter, I still have a ton of cookie butter left over from this recipe. My love of cookie butter runs deep, folks. So I had a moment of ingenuity and made this recipe, subbing out the peanut butter for cookie butter and omitted the sea salt – because sometimes things are good enough as is. And, it was good


Highly recommend you working this into your weekly cooking. They are the perfect treat for those of us that need something sweet after dinner and don’t trust ourselves to be left alone with an entire tub of ice cream. 


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