Drafting My “30 Before 30” List, Part One

After a couple weekends of doing a lot of nothing, a weekend full of a lot of something kind of takes it out of you. 

Somehow I squeezed a 5K, day drinking, bottomless champagne, lunch with the parents, and afternoon drinks for a friend’s birthday into 48 hours. 


And somewhere in there, I started to construct my “30 Before 30” list. The name says it all – it’s 30 things I want go get done before I turn 30 years old. Which is in about 16 months. (Ew.) I’m giving myself 4 months to shore up the list and then 12 months to execute. 

I have some ideas and I’ll share them soon but I would love some help adding some things to the list.

Has anyone who’s reading this ever done something like this? My “30 Before 30” list will be random (much like me). It will be a mix of all kinds of things – physical feats, life experiences, and maybe I’ll come away with a new skill or hobby.

I think it could be fun, I know it will be memorable, and I love a good challenge. 

4 thoughts on “Drafting My “30 Before 30” List, Part One

  1. We’ve just started our 101 in 1001 challenge – kind of like a 30 before 30. It’s definitely really exciting to get a list down on paper and know you’ve got all those exciting things to look forward to 🙂 Good luck!

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