“Productive Sunday” Chic-Fil-A Nuggets

Sundays are for one of two things: Day drinking or productivity. You cannot have both. I’ve tried. Those days usually end up with me passed out on my couch, with no groceries or clean laundry. 

Today – I chose productivity and a marathon of Girls.


Six things about this meal: 

1) It was delicious. A Pinterest success. Juicy, and flavorful, and great for a productive Sunday afternoon. Start the marination process, get your grocery shopping done, and by the time you’re done – you can finish up the recipe and eat! 

2) It’s paleo. I followed this recipe from “Stupid Easy Paleo” exactly and it came out delicious. (Spoiler Alert: PICKLE JUICE is the magic ingredient that gives these nuggets their Chic-Fil-A-ness.) 

3) You can easily un-Paleo-ize it and make it with the things you have on hand. Just use regular milk instead of coconut milk, all-purpose flour instead of coconut flour, and vegetable oil instead of coconut oil. Essentially, get rid of all things coconut and you’re good. 

4) After making this recipe, it is my firm belief that coconut oil splatters MORE than regular oil and hurts even more. My neck and forearms may never be the same. 

5) I served these with a huge side of roasted broccoli and kale because it’s my way of making up for bad delicious decisions of this weekend. But, feel free to bake some sweet potato (or regular potato) fries as a side.  

6) It is near impossible to find barbecue sauce without high-fructose corn syrup. But I found one. Next time, maybe I’ll get a wild hair and try to whip up my own Chic-Fil-A sauce. Maybe. 


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