Whole 30 Days 1 and 2: Uber-Versatile Pork Carnitas

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog.

I figured what better way to kick off my Whole 30 than by documenting some of my meals and my thoughts on this entire excursion. And, I’ll have far less distractions over this next month (Read: no alcohol, no Happy Hours, no late nights, etc.) So let’s go. 

The day before starting my Whole 30, I competed in my very first CrossFit competition. Not to toot my own horn, but I could not be more proud of myself. I gave it my all, I did something I would NEVER picture myself doing, and I actually didn’t do horrible. Mind you, I we didn’t do great, but we weren’t horrible

photo 3

After the competition, I celebrated with libations, pizza, cheesecake and more libations. 

photo 1

photo 2

Day 1 was rough. My body hated me because of the competition, and because wine. You know what’s worse than a hangover? A hangover that you can’t cure with greasy, fried goodness. When I finally got my ass in gear that evening, I made a huge batch of pork carnitas. I’ve eaten them for 4 meals so far, and there’s still more to go. This is a great recipe, not just because it’s tasty, but because it’s so versatile. I mixed it into my eggs this morning, tossed it in a salad with guacamole salsa for lunch, and ate it with sautéed spinach and grilled zucchini for dinner. 

photo (3)

Day 2 has been a lot better. I won’t act like the cravings and temptations aren’t there. This morning, the Girl Scout cookies I ordered were delivered. See you in March, Thin Mints. 

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